What KARL Is and Is Not

To correctly evaluate a product, it helps to get a concise, straightforward statement about what is the product. Ideally, this answer also includes, what the product does not claim to be.

KARL is:

  • Simple set of well-integrated tools.
  • A very lean user experience resulting from great attention to detail.
  • Collaboration for project teams in a community.
  • An intranet space with the “voice of the organization”.
  • Simple “knowledge management” facilities that connect the dots.
  • Open source software that can be run by an organization or hosted by one of the KARL hosting providers.
  • Fast, stable, reliable, tested.

KARL does not try to be:

  • Aimed at power users. KARL views success as much by what is left out as by what is put in.
  • A generic platform for a wide-range of application types. It is an end-user product, with a specific set of goals and user interface, that can be extended by developers.
  • High-end social network site. There are some social networking aspects, but under the banner of KARL’s major goals.
  • A generic portal system to integrate and unify external applications.
  • A classic content management system for internal workflows to publish content to external audiences.
  • High-end intranet and document management system for managing desktop content.
  • Sophisticated customer relationship management system.